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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Chapter Coming To An End...

Fall is slowly approaching as the days go by.  Soon the cooler air will arrive and the leaves will begin to turn to the vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow.  And with the turning of colors November 3rd will draw near and on that day this year I will turn 30.  Wow….can you believe it!?!

As I think about turning 30 a feeling of bitter sweetness comes over me.  I am extremely proud of all the accomplishments I have already achieved in my lifetime so far, but feel there are still so many more that I am still yet striving for.  Some achievements I had hoped to have had already reached by the age of 30.  Then there are some that had never been a plan at all.  Through the years I have realized that some endeavors are up to me to make happen and some I have to leave in God’s hands for guidance, as difficult as that may be at times. 

Countless times I have stated how blessed beyond my means I am through the years with so many amazing people that have come into my life.  But, I just love how remarkable some people can make such a fantastic impact on ones life.  Those are the people that everyone needs to be surrounded by all the time.  We all deserve to have these types of people in our lives.  A great support network is what makes us as people keep ticking and helps keep us accountable.

In the last couple of years my confidences has grown tremendously as each day and experience happens.  I have so many people to “Thank” for empowering me to keep striving for my dreams and goals.  Failure is always a possibility no matter how hard one works.  The future can be a very scary as we head towards it, but without putting ourselves out there how can we grow and learn?  That is why I am incredibly hopefully for so many things as I look towards the future, despite the feeling at times of heading into unchartered territory.

But, until then I am going to enjoy being still in my late 20s as these last couple of months go pass by.                

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EmBe Graduation

Found a perfect spot in my #office for my EmBe Women's Leadership Program gift!  The women in my class are pretty amazing!  Our graduation last night was tons of fun!  Especially getting to visit with my mentor from the 605 Magazine!

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 15th 2014 MPS Awareness Day

MPS Awareness Day is this coming May 15th 2014!  Wear your #purple in #support for #MPS! #MPSAwarenessDay2014